Psychological practice for couple and individual therapy

Psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz

Dipl. Psych. Edith Lebling
Georgenschwaigstraße 21
80807 Munich

Phone 089 – 3565 8611

Permission to practice medicine without a medical certificate in the field of psychotherapy granted by the Department of Health and Environment of the City of Munich (Bavaria), Dachauer Straße 90, 80335 Munich, on 20.12.2000.

The professional regulations can be found online at the Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker Bundesverband e.V..

Responsible for content according to §6 MDStV and copyright (text and pictures): Edith Lebling

Psychologische Praxis Edith Lebling
Georgenschwaigstraße 21, Mittelgebäude, 80807 München

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