Dipl. Psych.


Certified Somatic Experiencing ® Trauma Therapist. Additional trainings in Voice Dialogue, Gestalt Therapy for Couples, Systemic Family Therapy (Steve de Shazer), Art Therapy, Training in Couples and Sexual Therapy with Dr. David Schnarch and others.

I adhere to the ethical guidelines and regulations of BDP (Bund Deutscher Psychologen).

Has lived in New York City for a decade as a freelance artist.

Psychological practice for couple & individual therapy Psychotherapy according to
the Heilpraktikergesetz

Couples therapy will help you getting out of vicious cycles and stuckness as fast as possible in order to avoid the high emotional and financial costs of a separation.

Sometimes it is meaningful to combine marriage counseling with individual therapy sessions. Here you have the opportunity to take a closer look at your personal issues. For more information see: Individual Psychotherapy.

However, if you should decide to separate mediation can make sure you part with dignity and consideration for each other. 

Do not postpone getting help any longer! 

Whether you want to rebuild your relationship or separate: the outcome is open. Your present difficulties will be transformed into personal growth and development!

Call: 0049 89 3565 8611 or write an e-mail for more information and to make an appointment. Consultations in person or online. Weekend appointments possible! English and/or German.

Consultation is also possible via an Internet video conference. Appointments are also possible at the weekend!

Consultations can be held in both English and German.

Psychologische Praxis Edith Lebling
Georgenschwaigstraße 21, Mittelgebäude, 80807 München

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