Dipl. Psych. Edith Lebling, München
satisfied clients


My husband and I got in touch for the first time with Ms. Lebling in 2007.
We were going through a rough time in our marriage and wanted to understand each other better and to get through the crisis. We had come to the conclusion that we could not get out of it by ourselves. We googled – naively - for couples counseling Munich and instantly liked Ms. Lebling´s website. To make it short: we are still happily married (2018) and certainly would not be so if we had not received Ms. Lebling´s help. She excels in empathically listening, distilling the essence and creating - at least for us - a sense of togetherness. She is hands-on with her suggestions and is quite different from other therapists concerning the number of sessions: relatively few with great results. I hardly ever write reviews but in the case of Ms. Lebling I make an exception: a clear recommendation!
K.S., Munich

Dear Ms. Lebling,
it is important to me to thank you cordially: peace has settled in with me again!
I took a double session with you – and afterwards all my animosity against my husband has evaporated, my frustration was gone, I have opened again and can see my own contribution and know how to help myself. I am grateful, that you could grasp our situation so fast and clearly.
Of course, you know me and my husband for many years. In the beginning it needed a few more sessions for us to understand the underlying reasons for the tensions between us. Once in a while - once or twice a year - it is feels good to drop my load in your office and to refresh what was gone out of sight!
Thank you, Ms. Lebling for your effective help!
B.R., Starnberger See

Dear Ms. Lebling,
I really want to thank you again for your help! T. and I have learned a lot about our relationship and we feel happy together again. Without your help we would not have made it probably would not be together anymore.
I have severed contact to my mother and feel very relieved.
Thanks so much! You did a great job!
Kind regards,

Hallo Ms. Lebling,
Yes, we got married on Sept 4th (standesamtlich) only with family and witnesses. The wedding ceremony in church with a big party is planned for next year, also on Sept 4th.
We are very happy and are feeling great. We come to terms much faster with fights that surface of course occasionally. And therefore it does not hurt so much and it does not happen so much any more. 
The sessions with you have really helped us tremendously, and as soon as a crisis appears on the horizon, be it between my husband and me or with other people, we know where to turn with all these questions. That feels really good!

Only in the sessions with E.L. did I understood that I had no relationship with myself. I have learned what to do exactly in order to take care of myself. Today I am much happier without a partner than ever with him.
R.N., product developer, 46 y.

The lack of communication in our marriage led to infidelity, divorce and a
very complicated pathwork family life. In our second marriage we encountered the same problems as in the first one. This time we decided to deal with them. With the sensitive help of Edith Lebling we are much more content with each other, because together we have achieved substantial changes.

I was the one who cheated and now I look back at that difficult time and I have to say we both have gained a lot from E.L. Even my ex-wife says that she has received so many new insights and tips that now we have a deeper understanding of each other we are good parents despite our separation.
For that I am grateful!

Without our work with you maybe this baby would not exist. It´s really great and we are very happy! Birth announcement card, spring 2018