Dipl. Psych. Edith Lebling, München
Conflicts can be solved

Typical symptoms

Are you dealing with a crisis triggered by:

  • an extra-marital affair 
  • the arrival of a child 
  • escalating power struggles and / or domestic violence 
  • unwanted pregnancy or childlessness
  • frequent fights, accusations, lies 
  • excessive control and jealousy 
  • lack of common interests 
  • sexual problems, lack of physical closeness 
  • feelings of powerlessness and despair 
  • constant wish to separate or divorce 
  • fear of separation and feelings of dependency 
  • lack of mutual respect / trust 
  • unresolved conflicts about child-rearing, household chores, money 
  • psychosomatic complaints, depression and addictions 
  • emotional distance, withdrawal and alienation
  • conflicts about in-laws? 

And are you feeling your problems are getting out of hand and hoping in vain things will calm down? Get professional help as soon as possible!

Frequently a few hours of couples counseling can avoid or ease a lot of needless suffering, especially when early intervention is received. 

While some couples exhaust each other with their struggles, others find positive ways of resolving their conflicts. This is the main difference between frustrating and satisfying partnerships. Couples of mixed nationalities encounter additional difficulties of living together.

I have experience working with gay couples and patchwork families.

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